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BPM Inc. continues to be focused on food packaging. It is the largest and fastest growing part of our business today.

BPM is committed to doing all we can do to provide clean, safe products to the industry.

At BPM, we have created a culture of uncompromising  discipline and diligence when it comes to food safety. We have also gone to the outside for help in establishing best practices. One of those outside parties is the AIB International.  AIB International is a subsidiary of AIB (American Institute of Baking) that conducts the audits. The organization performs inspections and issues grades for cleanliness, safety procedures and process integrity.  Participating in the AIB International Food Safety Inspection is a way to demonstrate dedication to providing safe, superior products.

Integrity, responsibility, and responsiveness to customer food safety needs have guided AIB International for more than 60 years. The auditors and support staff at AIB International Audit Services are committed to performing high quality work, to superior customer service, and sharing an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of the program.

The AIB recognizes traceability as the centerpiece of a firm's safety management system and sets the audit with a number of traceability specific requirements.

BPM works for continuous improvement and uses the criteria established by the AIB to provide clean, safe products to the industry.